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Catch Dragons!
Catch Princesses!
Eat Fairies!
Princesses vs Dragons is a multiplayer arena based party game where players take the role of a princess or a dragon to try and capture their opponents while collecting fairies to fuel their abilities.



Asymmetrical Gameplay

Princesses and Dragons have different abilities, changing the strategies for their use.


Net: Princesses are equipped with a net, which they can use to catch dragons up close for no cost.

Bubble: The bubble protects princesses from dragonbreath and gives them a small speed boost, allowing them to close distances on their prey. It costs fairies to use, so use it wisely!

Leap: The princess can leap high in the air and come crashing down, stunning any opponents around her where she lands. This ability consumes fairies.




Dragon Breath: Spray a cone of sparkles to stun stun and capture princesses!


Glide: The dragon can glide through the air, allowing for great maneuverability!


Roar: Stuns all opponents in a short range around the dragon so you can capture them or escape if you have no fairies!

Multiple Game Modes

Gardenwatch: Play as a princess vs up to 3 dragons and capture all dragons to win!

Dragon Hunt: Up to three Princesses compete to catch the dragon before time runs out!

Fairy raid: Catch the most fairies to win, steal them from your opponents!

Royal Rumble: Free for all! Most captures wins! Also available as a team match for 2v2