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This is the first week of Practice Production.


We have picked our game idea, our theme and setting. We’re creating a puzzle/discovery/ crafting game making potions. Everyone on the team seems to be happy with the choice and enthusiastic about the idea. We’re making it deliberately a little absurd, which has made the idea more appealing to us.


Trent (programmer) and I have been trying to work out exactly how the core mechanic should work. We knew it could be complicated, but it’s proving more complicated than we anticipated. We’ve had a few disagreements, but I am confident we will be able to find a solution. We have a few more potential solutions we’re going to try to prototype over the next few weeks.


I’ve started on the Game Design Document, which will keep me busy over the next week and a bit. There is a lot to get done in a very brief time. It’s a little overwhelming this week, but I’m sure I can do it well.