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This week mostly revolved around presentation preparation and some clarification on documentation.


The team spent most of our time together clarifying any vague aspects of our plan and filling in the gaps. In consultation with my team, I drew up a budget and schedule for development once we decided what tasks had to be completed in which milestones. We’ve planned our schedule with as many contingency plans as we can manage, with some stretch goals if we can fit them in. We plan to make the project as scaleable as we can to ensure we can complete it.

The artists have been completing the art bible and producing concept art, while the programmer has been working on some main interface menu prototypes and technical documentation. I’m still working on the GDD.


We gave our presentation on Friday, but need to demonstrate our core mechanic is viable with a paper prototype, so currently myself and the programmer are working out a few variations to try with the intention of showing a working prototype on Wednesday.


I am confident we will be able to demonstrate our idea is viable.