And that’s a wrap!


This last week has been very stressful. We were very behind and I realised we made a few mistakes with time management.

Completing our last important mechanic took much longer than expected, but it was too important to leave out if we wanted the game to do better than just work. It is finished, and we have something we are happy to present.

My week was spent working with the programmer to find solutions to problems where time restraints meant we’d need to compromise, as well as ensuring important features such as menus and a basic “how to play” page were not forgotten.

The artists were both working on polishing and finalising assets, decorating the scene and adding last minute UI elements. It’s been a stressful few days, but we are happy with the results.

We intend to keep working on the game after this project, as we have many ideas to improve it. We’ve come up with some solutions to problems we’ve had today that we don’t have time to implement, but will improve the gameplay significantly in the future.